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Welcome to Big Island Candle!

Please be patient while we update our website! Our fundraising division of Lets Go Banners / Lets Go Fundraising has gone crazy in the state of Hawaii! We’re growing and are excited to announce our line of natural soy candles, poured with aloha on the Big Island ready to ship to all the islands of Hawai’i! 

Marnie Andeson, Co-Founder of Lets Go Banners

Hi! I’m Marnie Anderson, co-founder of Lets Go Fundraising (a division of Lets Go Banners) and Big Island Candle (also a division of Lets Go Banners.) We are simply thrilled to offer a line of no-financial risk fundraisers to all our ohana on the beautiful islands of Hawai’i!

We pour our line of awesome fragrance, all natural soy candles in the Village of Waikoloa on the beautiful island of Hawai’i ready to help your group, cheer leading team or sports group raise badly needed funds to help with your operating and equipment costs.

Please call today: 808-430-6567 to learn more about our no-
financial-risk fundraising system!

Until our website is updated, please feel free to visit Lets Go Fundraising at (Hawaii Fundraising at it’s best!) to find out more. OR.... Simply call 808-430-6567 to find out more information!

I look forward to working with your group or team!


Marnie Anderson,
Co-founder, Big Island Candle, Lets Go Banners, Inc.


Have you tried one of our natural soy candles?

Our Soy Candles are 100% produced with the best ingredients, with no colors, dyes, or artificial additives other than the wicks, fragrance, and container that the candle comes to you in!

We have produced natural soy candles for five years and wish to provide you with the best that natural soy candles have to offer. Please visit our site again soon as we update to include fundraising opportunities, or visit Lets Go Fundraising for more information about our no-financial-risk fundraisers!

Did you know soy candles are the “healthier alternative” to paraffin wax candles? Paraffin candles are made from petrol-chemicals that emit chemicals that may be dangerous to you and your household!

Please feel free to contact us at: 808-430-6567 for more information.

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